UCLA Luskin Conference Center Quarterly Newsletter — August 2016Face with Nose and Ear © 2006 John Baldessari Artist and Gemini G.E.L. LLC


Visitors to the Luskin Conference Center are greeted with a space visually enriched by a remarkable curated collection of contemporary art which enhances the spirit of this unique meeting place. The collection contains pieces from renowned artists with ties to UCLA and art movements of Los Angeles, and was chosen to inspire guests with an environment infused with art, culture and collaborative inspiration.

More than 50 works of contemporary art, in a variety of media, celebrate innovation and reinvention in a city and university that is rapidly growing and evolving. The art – located primarily on the first and second levels as you travel down the corridors to the Conference Center’s meeting spaces – is on permanent display.

The viewing experience begins with a large-scale photographic triptych of iconic Royce Hall – the symbol of UCLA – positioned dramatically over the front desk in the lobby. This piece is an original ambrotype photographed in 2015 using early photographic technology from the 19th century to capture Royce Hall as it stands today.

The art collection also showcases the impact of our campus on the Los Angeles art scene. Artistic styles include contemporary, conceptual, Light & Space Movement, and media include painting, sculpture, tin scrap collage, and fine art photography.

Works of art in the collection include:

–     Tom Wudl’s Awaiting the Miraculous Mandarin (acrylic on canvas)
–     Lita Albuquerque’s Auric Field of Gold (AU 79) (pigment on panel and 24k gold leaf on resin)
–     John Baldessari’s Face with Nose and Ear (3-layer, 6-color screen print)
–     Sandra Mendelsohn Rubin’s, Southern California Coast Summer (oil on canvas)
–     Ed Moses’ Yellow and Black (oil on canvas)
–     Ed Ruscha’s Petroplots (“mixigraphic” print on handmade paper)
–     Barbara Morgan’s art photography including iconic Martha Graham Dance Company images.

Artists represented in the LCC collection are mostly alumni and former or current professors at UCLA — demonstrating the depth and breadth of the university’s influence on the area art scene and beyond.