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The experienced team at the UCLA Luskin Conference Center in Los Angeles is ready to help you plan your next conference, meeting, event or visit to Southern California. Contact us to request specific information or to answer any questions you may have. We’d love to introduce you to this unique UCLA hotel – a place to meet, engage, explore and be inspired!

Cindy Gagle, Director of Sales & Marketing

Cindy Gagle

Director of Sales & Marketing
(310) 825-7738

What I Like Most About Working at UCLA:

After having spent decades as a Sales and Marketing Director, I am still given the opportunity to grow and to expand my knowledge. The Luskin Conference Center is like no other project I have experienced before.

Hedy Varga, Senior Group Sales Manager

Hedy Varga

Senior Group Sales Manager
(310) 206-8718

What I Like Most About Working at UCLA:

The work we are doing serves a higher purpose. Every single person with whom I meet fulfills a mission to educate or serve the community in some capacity. We are making the world a better place!

Senior Individual Business Travel Manager

Leah Brown

Senior Individual Business Travel Manager
(310) 794-1253

What Drew Me to UCLA:

Prior to joining the LCC team, I had the pleasure of meeting the managers and hearing about their vision for this Conference Center.  I was drawn by their vision, excitement, passion and commitment to make this a place where great minds come together to discuss ways to make our world a better place.  I immediately wanted to be part of a team that made a difference!

Senior Catering Sales Manager

Elyse Swanson

Senior Catering Sales Manager
(310) 794-1173

What Drew Me to UCLA:

The work taking place at the Luskin Conference Center and UCLA fully embodies the thought that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” I find it inspiring to support a university that so diligently honors its commitments to education, research and service. The work we do here matters, and will surely provide a better tomorrow for all.

Catering Sales Manager

Stephanie Kerr

Catering Sales Manager
(310) 794-7944

What Drew Me to UCLA:

I have always wanted to work at a university and when I started researching positions at UCLA, I quickly discovered that it shares all the same values that I consider to be very important. So, being a part of the team at the UCLA Luskin Conference Center is an absolute dream.

Sales & Marketing Administrator

Jeanne Yu

Sales & Marketing Administrator
(310) 794-7925

What Drew Me to UCLA:

Having grown up in Los Angeles, UCLA has always drawn a profound respect from me. I admire the outreach and sense of community that UCLA anchors in Los Angeles. I am very excited to be part of the Luskin Conference Center team.

Work With Our Conference Services Team

Our team of accomplished meeting professionals works together in this vibrant UCLA hotel to manage even the smallest details of your event. You’ll be free to focus your energy and imagination on making your next breakthrough happen.

Sue Manzi, Director of Conference Services

Sue Manzi

Director of Conference Services
(310) 794-4792

What Drew Me to UCLA:

I consider it a privilege and opportunity to be able to apply my years of hospitality experience in my new position. I’m happy to be able to contribute to the opening success of The Luskin Conference Center. UCLA is a dynamic environment and I look forward to being a part of this community that embraces education, research, and service.

Jeannine Pham, Senior Conference Planning Manager

Jeannine Pham

Senior Conference Planning Manager
(310) 794-7923

What Drew Me to UCLA:

Being an L.A. native, UCLA has always been an iconic location for me and it is an exciting opportunity to be here on campus. It’s also an added bonus to be part of the team opening the Luskin Conference Center.

Diane Bernardo, UCLA Luskin Conference Center, Conference Planning Manager

Diane Bernardo

Conference Planning Manager
(310) 794-7922

What Drew Me to UCLA:

UCLA is one of the most prestigious and iconic universities in the nation and I found it thoroughly inspiring to be a part of the Luskin Conference Center, which will provide UCLA and its affiliates a place where bright minds could come together and achieve greatness.

Marites Gaite, Conference Services Administrative Assistant

Marites Gaite

Conference Services Administrative Assistant
(310) 794-7929

What Drew Me to UCLA:

Initially, I was drawn to UCLA because it is a world-class academic institution with a rich history in cultural arts, service programs and a deep community involvement. Learning about the Luskin Conference Center with their commitment to service in making this a place “where great minds come together for a greater purpose to make the world a better place” makes me proud and equally humble that I am a part of this team.

Small Meetings Manager

Claudia Catalan

Small Meetings Manager
(310) 794-9908

What Drew Me to UCLA:

I am thrilled to be at an institution that fosters growth, education, diversity and equality, and enables everyone connected to make the world a better place.