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The experienced team at the UCLA Luskin Conference Center and Hotel in Los Angeles is ready to help you plan your next conference, meeting, event or visit to Southern California. Contact us to request specific information or to answer any questions you may have. We’d love to introduce you to this unique UCLA hotel – a place to meet, engage, explore and be inspired!

Cindy Gagle, Senior Director, Hospitality Sales and Marketing

Cindy Gagle

Senior Director, Hospitality Sales and Marketing

(310) 825-7738

What I Like Most About Working at UCLA:

After having spent decades as a Sales and Marketing Director, I am still given the opportunity to grow and to expand my knowledge. The Luskin Conference Center and Hotel is like no other place I have worked before.

Ellen Thornton, Director of Sales & Marketing

Ellen Thornton

Director of Sales & Marketing

(310) 794-1253

What Drew Me to UCLA:

I am a native Angeleno and fourth-generation Californian with local and international luxury hotel sales experience. I am thrilled to be a member of the UCLA community and the UCLA Luskin Conference Center team. I am inspired by the UCLA Hospitality motto of "Hospitality First!" and am proud to represent such an impressive LEED Platinum-certified facility.

Hedy Varga, Senior Group Sales Manager

Hedy Varga

Senior Group Sales Manager

(310) 206-8718

What I Like Most About Working at UCLA:

The work we are doing serves a higher purpose. Every single person with whom I meet fulfills a mission to educate or serve the community in some capacity. We are making the world a better place!

Shannon Terhune, Group Sales Manager

Shannon Terhune

Group Sales Manager

(310) 794-9905

Why I Love Working at UCLA:

I am thrilled to be a part of the UCLA Luskin Conference Center family! After more than two decades of working in the corporate hospitality industry, I decided to use my experience to support higher education. I have great respect for UCLA and am honored to support the esteemed university. The stunning Luskin Conference Center is truly a unique offering on any college campus, and I am incredibly proud of our team’s unwavering commitment to customer service and excellence.

Jeanne Yu, Sales & Marketing Administrator

Jeanne Yu

Sales & Marketing Administrator

(310) 794-7925

What Drew Me to UCLA:

Having grown up in Los Angeles, UCLA has always drawn a profound respect from me. I admire the outreach and sense of community that UCLA anchors in Los Angeles. I am very excited to be part of the Luskin Conference Center and Hotel team.

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Our team of accomplished meeting professionals works together in this vibrant UCLA hotel to manage even the smallest details of your event. You’ll be free to focus your energy and imagination on making your next breakthrough happen.

Samantha Chan, Director, Conferences, Catering, & Marketing

Samantha Chan

Director, Conferences, Catering, & Marketing

(310) 206-9273

Why I Love Working at UCLA:

As a self-proclaimed people person, this job is perfect for me as it allows me to meet and work with so many different individuals each day. Though in a university environment, it allows me to exercise my passion for hospitality in unique and creative ways to serve people, UCLA and the broader community. I love seeing and hearing people say they had no idea that UCLA has a venue as great as this! And what we do and the revenues we generate go back to UCLA programs and students, which makes me proud, gives me purpose and aligns with my core values.

Gina Alva-Evans, CMP, Sales & Event Manager

Gina Alva-Evans, CMP

Sales & Event Manager

(310) 206-9275

What Drew Me to UCLA:

I loved the idea of working for a renowned university with a beautiful campus, and appreciated the benefits of being a state employee. I love that my work serves a bigger purpose by generating revenue that goes back into housing and reducing housing fees for UCLA students. I feel proud of our team and our daily contributions to give students, staff and visitors the best UCLA experience. Go Bruins!

Cecilia Lopez, Sales & Event Manager

Cecilia Lopez

Sales & Event Manager

(310) 206-3589

What Drew Me to UCLA:

UCLA is a place where I knew I would have opportunities to grow. I started out as the administrative assistant for Meeting Room Services, where we helped with all event set-ups on the Hill. It would always make me smile to see just how happy clients were when seeing their vision brought to life, and I love that I now get to do this in a greater capacity.

Madeline Samuel, Sales & Event Manager

Madeline Samuel

Sales & Event Manager

(310) 825-5305

What Drew Me to UCLA:

There are so many reasons to love UCLA – such as the beautiful campus, friendly people and exciting events and activities that are always occurring. As a UCLA graduate, I am honored to be working at one of the most prestigious universities in the nation, while creating unique connections with amazing clients who are part of the UCLA family and beyond.

Natalie Lewis, Sales & Event Manager

Natalie Lewis

Sales & Event Manager

(310) 422-2166

What Drew Me to UCLA :

Growing up in Texas, I wanted to attend UCLA. Now I am officially a Bruin! I come from a hospitality and non-profit background, and UCLA has given me the opportunity to blend both worlds. I also admire the university’s fiscal responsibility and commitment to reinvest the revenue earned to support student housing. I am honored be a part of the Bruin family and an amazing events team with such a diverse range of experience.

Luis Amaya, Sales & Event Manager

Luis Amaya

Sales & Event Manager

(310) 825-7584

What Drew Me to UCLA:

As someone born and raised in beautiful Southern California, I feel that UCLA exemplifies the diversity of the city. UCLA allows me to help serve our local community and help strengthen our future. As a former UCLA banquet captain, I understand what is needed from the operational side and I bring this knowledge to the team. I also enjoy seeing the smiles on our guest as they are leaving their events.

LaTonia Allen, Sales & Event Manager

LaTonia Allen

Sales & Event Manager

(310) 206-9332

What Drew Me to UCLA:

As a Southern Californian, one of the highlights of my childhood was touring the UCLA campus. Although I pursued my academic studies at another prominent university, I’m thrilled to finally call myself a Bruin - something I've always felt destined to do. I’m honored to bring my background in hotel sales and events to this prestigious campus. Providing excellent service to students, staff and to the community is incredibly rewarding.

Flor Cruz, Sales & Event Manager

Flor Cruz

Sales & Event Manager

(310) 206-1322

What Drew Me to UCLA:

As the top public institution in the nation and a globally renowned institution, UCLA has made the world better – and continues to do so - through cutting-edge research and discoveries. I love interacting with the Bruin community and helping them in any way I can. It’s incredibly inspiring. The UCLA campus is also beautiful and inclusive, and there are many great things to experience here and in the neighborhood, including restaurants, art, sports and cultural events. It truly feels like home.

Brian Bowen, Audio Visual Event Manager

Brian Bowen

Audio Visual Event Manager

(310) 882-8502

What Drew Me to UCLA :

I first discovered the joys of UCLA while taking UCLA extension courses. The campus is incredible, the architecture amazing, and the people warm and welcoming. I've worked at a big and small universities and UCLA has the resources of a large university but feels like a small one.

Marites Gaite, Conference Services Administrative Assistant

Marites Gaite

Conference Services Administrative Assistant

(310) 794-7929

What Drew Me to UCLA:

Initially, I was drawn to UCLA because it is a world-class academic institution with a rich history in cultural arts, service programs and a deep community involvement. Learning about the Luskin Conference Center and Hotel with their commitment to service in making this a place “where great minds come together for a greater purpose to make the world a better place” makes me proud and equally humble that I am a part of this team.