The UCLA Luskin Hotel and Conference Center has earned a 2021 Travelers’ Choice Award from the American online travel company Tripadvisor. The award, which was announced in May,  is given to the top 10% of hotels in the world, as determined by guest reviews. The Luskin Hotel and Conference Center received a Traveler’s Choice Award in 2020, as well.

“This award is very important as it gives us tremendously strong recognition within our marketplace,” said Tony Perrone, the hotel’s manager. “During the pandemic, guest safety was our No. 1 concern—and is the No. 1 concern—for our guests and for our team. We want our visitors to feel safe and taken care of. This award shows that this goal was achieved.  Also, during this time, some very important guest amenities and services were cut or scaled back.  The only way we were able to neutralize this effect was through extremely friendly hospitality.  This was another ‘win’ for us as proven by this recognition.”

In addition to the Traveler’s Choice Award for this year, the Luskin Conference Center is also ranked No.7 among more than 400 Los Angeles hotels based on Tripadvisor reviews.

With the state anticipating a broad reopening on June 15 and the travel industry already ramping up to meet the demands of pent up travelers, the Luskin Conference Center’s hotel staff is excited to welcome an increasing number of local, domestic and international guests.

“We learned a lot through the pandemic—how to think outside the box, how to work more closely together as a team and how to even more thoroughly and thoughtfully take care of our employees and our guests,” said Perrone. “All of these lessons will only benefit our offerings moving forward.”