UCLA Luskin Conference Center Quarterly Newsletter — November 2019The sales and conference services team at the UCLA Luskin Conference Center.

Thank you for another year of lessons, inspiration

As we look back on the year that was, we are so grateful to everyone who passed through our doors. Among you are the conference participants who advanced our appreciation for problem-solving and knowledge, the veterans and families who reminded us of the importance of sacrifice, the athletes who inspired us through their teamwork, the Bruin alumni who showed us that UCLA is a place that never truly leaves you, and the restaurant patrons who demonstrated the importance of sharing meals with friends, family and colleagues.

This year marked the beginning of UCLA’s Centennial, which made our time with you all that much more special.

When we were planning the Luskin Conference Center, we did so with a desire to create a comfortable and accessible venue where people would come together to learn from one another, share important experiences and make lasting memories. We wanted this to be a place where people would enjoy a sense of community in the midst of the amazing campus and city that we call home.

We thank you for spending time with us and inspiring us in the many ways you do. These interactions make what we do incredibly meaningful, exciting and uplifting. We wish you a heartfelt happy holiday season and take pleasure in knowing that 2020 – the beginning of UCLA’s second century – will come with many, many more opportunities to spend time with you.