In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have continued our focus of providing our guests with a safe environment to stay and to meet, and on peace of mind. As part of this focus, we have also taken steps to implement new and heightened hygiene standards and health protocols. These include:

Frequent Cleaning with Hospital-Grade Products

Our team has been hard at work, frequently sanitizing and sterilizing around the clock. This includes guest rooms and food service areas to high-touch surfaces like door handles and house phones, that are guests frequently come into contact with when they visit or stay.

Hand Sanitizing Made Easy

Sanitizing hands is one of the best ways to prevent transmission of COVID-19. We’ve provided dispensers throughout our property, in the lobby, on elevator landings and in public areas. We also have disinfectant wipes and spray kits ready for our staff, when processing transactions.

Mandatory Face Coverings

We prohibit anyone from entering and walking around our public areas without a face covering. If a guest does not have one, we are happy to provide a complementary face covering.

Promoting Physical Distancing

We promote physical distancing at our hotel, encouraging individuals to maintain a minimum of six-feet of distance from each other.

Digital Guest Folios

Upon checking-in to our hotel, receiving your room key and providing your payment information, we provide your guest folio by email upon checkout.

Remote Check-Out

We make checking-out easy with two options to avoid contact with any staff. By dialing “0” on your room phone and connecting with our operator, or calling 855-LCC-UCLA from your mobile phone, you can easily check-out from the hotel.

Cashless Transactions

We encourage using credit and debit cards for purchases and payments. This allows us to keep transactions sanitary and safe.

Contact-Free Meal Pickup

We want you to enjoy UCLA’s popular dining menu, made fresh and contactless! We have provided guests with order forms in the main lobby, upon check-in. Once orders are ready, they may be picked up easily at the host stand.

No Housekeeping While You’re Checked-In

Our attendants will never enter your room during your stay. Instead, your room will have sufficient amenities. Rooms are safely and thoroughly sanitized and disinfected prior to, and after your stay.

Safer Bell Cart Use & Service

Our guests have the option of independently using bell carts to move their luggage to and from their rooms. If needed, an attendant will be happy to transport your belongings and leave the cart outside your room. Attendants will not enter your room, as well.

Implementing all these steps is crucial as we look ahead to providing a great stay and meeting environment for our guests. We look forward to a bright future and the opportunity to provide a safe and comfortable stay for our guests, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. If there are any additional questions about our processes in place, please contact our front desk at (310) 206-8585.