UCLA's Powell Library

Earlier, we brought you 20 Fun Facts About UCLA, which celebrated the proud tradition of a truly unique school in UCLA. We didn’t want to stop there, so we compiled a list of even more fun facts! Here are ten more fun facts about the University of California, Los Angeles:

  1. UCLA is frequently used in movies that require a college setting, because of its proximity to Hollywood studios and having several, versatile classrooms. Chances are if the movie your watching is about college, it was filmed at UCLA. UCLA fills in for other prestigious universities in movies, like Harvard.
  2. Nearly all freshmen at UCLA live on campus. An overwhelming 97% of freshman call UCLA home, living in on-campus housing.
  3. UCLA has a proud history in many sports, and was the first university to reach the 100-championship mark. As of July 2019, UCLA has won 129 national championships, including 118 team championships, more than any other university except Stanford University.
  4. UCLA’s name has been changed three times. It started in 1881 as the “Los Angeles Normal School” for aspiring teachers, and then changed in 1919 to the “University of California Southern Branch.” In 1927, it was changed again to the “University of California at Los Angeles.” Then in 1953, the comma was removed and it assumed its current name as the “University of California, Los Angeles.”
  5. The “Victory Bell” that is awarded to the winner of the annual UCLA-USC football game has a tradition started in 1941, when USC students stole the 295-pound bell from UCLA. This sparked a series of pranks between students at both schools.
  6. UCLA has one of the finest academic reputations in the country, and is considered one of the “Public Ivies,” providing an “Ivy League” college experience at public university prices. Other Public Ivies include the University of Texas at Austin, University of Virginia, and University of Michigan.
  7. UCLA is the fourth-oldest university in the 10-campus University of California system. UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco and UC Davis were founded before UCLA.
  8. During the 2028 Summer Olympics, UCLA will host two sports: wrestling and judo, both at Pauley Pavilion. UCLA will also be the location of the Olympic Village and the Paralympic Games.
  9. UCLA is known for its food! Freshman will often tell you that one of their best experiences as a student was the diverse food offerings at UCLA. In 2016, Town & Country magazine ranked UCLA as having the best college food in America.
  10. Janss Steps has 87 steps, and is named after the Janss brothers who were instrumental in UCLA’s move to Westwood from it’s original Vermont campus.

WRITTEN BY: Oshin Aivazian, UCLA

MAIN PHOTO: Powell Library at UCLA, Photo courtesy of legge_e_mare, Flickr