Meet the Sales Team

Your Team for Successful L.A. Meetings, Conferences & Events

The experienced team at the UCLA Luskin Conference Center in Los Angeles is ready to help you plan your next conference, meeting, event or visit to Southern California. Contact us to request specific information or to answer any questions you may have. We’d love to introduce you to this unique UCLA hotel – a place to meet, engage, explore and be inspired!

Cindy Gagle, Director of Sales & Marketing

Cindy Gagle

Director of Sales & Marketing
(310) 825-7738

What I Like Most About Working at UCLA:

After having spent decades as a Sales and Marketing Director, I am still given the opportunity to grow and to expand my knowledge. The Luskin Conference Center is like no other project I have experienced before. The university setting is so spectacular and vibrant.

My Favorite Place on Campus:

I am fascinated with the UCLA Meteorite Gallery. The exhibit displays approximately 100 meteorites, including a 357-pound iron chunk of an asteroid that crashed into Arizona 50,000 years ago. This collection illustrates the scientific processes active in the early solar system. In my book, it’s a “wow” and must-see for LCC visitors interested in The Universe!

Hedy Varga, Senior Group Sales Manager

Hedy Varga

Senior Group Sales Manager
(310) 206-8718

What I Like Most About Working at UCLA:

The work we are doing serves a higher purpose. Every single person with whom I meet fulfills a mission to educate or serve the community in some capacity. We are making the world a better place!

My Favorite Place on Campus:

The Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden is a favorite place because of the beauty, silence and serenity you can find there.

Jenna Harrington Group Sales Manager

Jenna Harrington

Group Sales Manager
(310) 794-9905

What Drew Me to UCLA:

I am so very excited and honored to be a part of the UCLA Luskin Conference Center and Hotel team! The stunning architecture, the purpose to educate and inspire and sustainability is near and dear to my heart. The Conference Center’s purpose aligns with my soul. I love that the meetings being held at the property are for a bigger purpose — making a change in the world.

What I’m Interested in Exploring at UCLA:

I am looking forward to exploring more of the beautiful architecture around campus. I also cannot wait to visit and become familiar the Sculpture Garden.

Leah Brown, Sales Manager

Leah Brown

Senior Individual Business Travel Manager
(310) 794-1253

What Drew Me to UCLA:

Prior to joining the LCC team, I had the pleasure of meeting the managers and hearing about their vision for this Conference Center.  I was drawn by their vision, excitement, passion, and commitment to make this a place where great minds come together to discuss ways to make our world a better place.  I immediately wanted to be part of a team that made a difference!

What I’m Interested in Exploring at UCLA:

I want to explore the many points-of-interest and activities that UCLA has to offer – Fowler Museum, Hammer Museum, Sculpture Garden, Royce Hall, athletic events, and more.

Jennifer Catanes-Avanceña, Senior Catering Sales Manager

Jennifer Catanes-Avanceña

Senior Catering Sales Manager
(310) 794-1173

What Drew Me to UCLA:

The people, campus architecture, and most especially to be part of the opening team at the remarkable Luskin Conference Center — very excited to explore my passions of hospitality and higher education.

What I’m Interested in Exploring at UCLA:

The historical architecture and campus which I find refreshing and delightful.

Rachel Jang, Catering Sales Manager

Rachel Jang

Catering Sales Manager
(310) 794-1137

What Drew Me to UCLA:

Located at one of the most well-known universities, I found it inspiring to join the UCLA Luskin Conference Center, a place where great minds can all come together and change the world!

What I’m Interested in Exploring at UCLA:

I am really interested in exploring all the history and architecture of UCLA, not to mention all the UCLA basketball and football games I plan to attend!

Tanny Yee, Catering Sales Manager

Tanny Yee

Catering Sales Manager
(310) 794-7944

What Drew Me to UCLA:

I was initially drawn to the Luskin Conference Center by the captivating artwork and incredibly thoughtful design of the property. As I walked down the corridors and explored the meeting rooms admiring each masterpieces, the LCC truly felt like a museum within itself showcasing the talent, beauty and history of UCLA.

What I’m Interested in Exploring at UCLA:

I am excited to attend my first UCLA/USC football game and represent UCLA! Go Bruins!

Catalina Leggis, Sales & Marketing Administrator

Catalina Leggis

Sales and Marketing Administrative Assistant
(310) 794-7925

What Drew Me to UCLA:

I was drawn and continue to be drawn to UCLA because of the endless opportunities available. I love meeting new people and this is a place where every day is a new experience.

My Favorite Place on Campus:

My favorite place on campus would have to be the Janss steps. The steps are a great workout spot as well as a beautiful walk way to Royce Hall. I hope to explore more of the campus gardens and the natural beauty UCLA has to offer!