Meet the Conference Services Team

We think of everything, so you can imagine anything.

Our team of accomplished meeting professionals works together in this vibrant UCLA hotel to manage even the smallest details of your event. You’ll be free to focus your energy and imagination on making your next breakthrough happen.

Sue Manzi, Director of Conference Services

Sue Manzi

Director of Conference Services
(310) 794-4792

What Drew Me to UCLA:

I consider it a privilege and opportunity to be able to apply my years of hospitality experience in my new position. I’m happy to be able to contribute to the opening success of The Luskin Conference Center. UCLA is a dynamic environment and I look forward to being a part of this community that embraces education, research, and service.

What I’m Interested in Exploring at UCLA:

I look forward to getting to know all the wonders of UCLA including aspects of its iconic history that are available to explore right outside my door.

Jeannine Pham

Jeannine Pham

Senior Conference Planning Manager
(310) 794-7923

What Drew Me to UCLA:

Being an L.A. native, UCLA has always been an iconic location for me and it is an exciting opportunity to be here on campus. It’s also an added bonus to be part of the team opening the Luskin Conference Center.

What I’m Interested in Exploring at UCLA:

I’m look forward to learning about the history and architecture of the entire campus. The fact that all these beautiful buildings are still here after all these years is incredible to me!

Diane Bernardo, UCLA Luskin Conference Center, Conference Planning Manager

Diane Bernardo

Conference Planning Manager
(310) 794-7922

What Drew Me to UCLA:

UCLA is one of the most prestigious and iconic universities in the nation and I found it thoroughly inspiring to be a part of the Luskin Conference Center, which will provide UCLA and its affiliates a place where bright minds could come together and achieve greatness.

What I’m Interested in Exploring at UCLA:

I am really interested in exploring all of the myriad projects and programs the university is a part of. The multitude of shows, films, concerts, games and other events to explore will continuously give me the opportunity to grow and learn.

Melysa Vander Mel, Small Meetings Manager

Melysa Vander Mel

Small Meetings Manager
(310) 794-9908

What I Like Most About Working at UCLA:

There are amazing opportunities here — not only for career and professional growth, but also for the wide variety of entertainment, learning and research opportunities throughout the campus.

My Favorite Place on Campus:

Every time I see Royce Hall, the beauty and history amaze me. It’s not only a beautiful icon for the campus, but also a performing arts space filled with murals and stories.

Marites Gaite

Marites Gaite

Conference Services Administrative Assistant
(310) 794-7929

What Drew Me to UCLA:

Initially, I was drawn to UCLA because it is a world-class academic institution with a rich history in cultural arts, service programs and a deep community involvement. Learning about the Luskin Conference Center with their commitment to service in making this a place “where great minds come together for a greater purpose to make the world a better place” makes me proud and equally humble that I am a part of this team.

What I’m Interested in Exploring at UCLA:

I would like to attend the enriching events and entertainment UCLA has to offer and explore its well-known historical landmarks as well as its lesser known places on campus.

Oscar Canela, UCLA Luskin Conference Center, Audio Visual Specialist

Oscar Canela

Audio Visual Specialist
(310) 794-1060

What Drew Me to UCLA:

I consider it a privilege and an honor to be able to contribute my services to UCLA. Playing a small role in what could become breakthroughs for tomorrow is priceless.

What I’m Interested in Exploring at UCLA:

The campus is beautiful—all 419 acres!  Anywhere you look, you’ll be impressed. The architecture and landscaping are just breathtaking.

Ritchie Garcia, UCLA Luskin Conference Center, Audio Visual Specialist

Ritchie Garcia

Audio Visual Specialist
(310) 794-2960

What Drew Me to UCLA:

As a lifelong learner, being able to contribute to and be a part of a world-class university isn’t something that I could pass up. The wealth of knowledge, raw talent and passion that I encounter daily is truly humbling. It’s an honor to be a part of such a bright and thoughtful community.

What I’m Interested in Exploring at UCLA

Discovering the full extent of  UCLA’s sprawling nature is something I look forward to every day. Every time I think I have a grasp on how things connect, I find a new path. Charting campus for myself has been a lot fun.