Lita Albuquerque
Title: Auric Field of Gold (Au 79)
Medium: Pigment on Panel and 24k Gold Leaf on Resin. 2015

Lita Albuquerque is known for her site-specific artworks around the world, including one for the Great Pyramids in Egypt …

and a large-scale ephemeral artwork in Antarctica consisting of 99 ultramarine blue spheres whose positions and sizes correlated to the constellations and specific stars above.

This figure lying on the ground is listening to the Earth …

Lita Albuquerque frequently works with intense ultramarine pigment. Tragically, she lost her complete supply of this pigment along with her home, studio, archive, and many of her artworks in the November 2018 Woolsey fire.

The young Lita Albuquerque was the model for a famous freeway mural in downtown Los Angeles. It was created by Kent Twitchell in 1984 as part of the Olympic Summer Games in Los Angeles.